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health insurance

When you purchase health insurance, you agree to pay a monthly premium to your health insurance company in exchange for them covering most of your medical costs. However, even the most generous plans require you to pay some of the costs yourself, including deductibles and copays. Deductibles are the up-front costs that you must pay to a medical professional in order to receive covered services.

There are two primary types of health insurance plans: private health insurance and public health insurance. Both require that you find a doctor who accepts your insurance before you can receive health care services. Public insurance is offered by the government and is usually available to low-income people. However, eligibility requirements for this program vary by state. Private health insurance can be purchased in the individual or family market or provided by an employer. Federal employees can also purchase health insurance through the FEHB program.

You can also use the marketplace to sign up for a health insurance plan. Some states run the Marketplace, while others rely on the federal government to manage it. The only time you can enroll in a Marketplace plan is during the Open Enrollment Period, but you can enroll in Medicaid or CHIP at any time. You can apply online, by phone, or with a trained assister.

Health insurance has many benefits. It can help you save money on prescription drugs, visit a regular physician, and reduce barriers to appropriate care. Having a regular health care provider can improve your overall health, which is why many studies suggest that people with health insurance have better health outcomes. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to access services such as screenings, prescription drugs, and specialty mental health care.